Environmental Stewardship

At Osler, we are committed to being thoughtful stewards of our winter environment so that members and guests, current and future, can continue to enjoy outdoor recreation in every season.

Climate change and habitat preservation are real issues threatening our planet which require immediate action. The ski industry has a sizeable carbon footprint, and the impact of skiers on the slopes is undeniable.

Through various initiatives such as tree planting, improved waste management and increased operational efficiency, we are working to reduce our collective effect on the environment.

We believe that it is in our best interest, and that of future generations, to start taking action so that we can reduce our footprint, give back to the planet, and continue to enjoy the sport we love.

Thank you to Osler members and staff for your ongoing support of our green efforts!

Osler Green

Environmental Footprint

By reducing our environmental footprint we will:

  • Minimize our impact on our natural environment
  • Save money through energy-efficient projects
  • Lead by example in the ski industry demonstrating the positive and wide-ranging impact of our actions
  • Model eco-citizenship for our children and demonstrate our commitment to a thriving outdoor lifestyle for future generations

It is in our best interest, and that of future generations, to start taking action so that we can continue to enjoy the sport we love.

We look forward to working with you to build a cleaner, greener Osler!


Osler Green’s vision for the Club is to:

  • Protect our natural environment and take responsibility for our impacts
  • Minimize our sustainability footprint across all key impact areas
  • Be seen as leaders in the ski industry locally and internationally
  • Model sustainable stewardship for our children and demonstrate our commitment to future generations

Environmental Baseline Study

Annual environmental baseline studies began in 2022 to help us understand Osler’s environmental position, and to ensure that sustainability strategy targets our highest impact opportunities.

Baseline studies aim to cover all operations on club property excluding private chalets and associated services, considering the following:

  • Energy use and associated carbon emissions
  • Water use
  • Waste consumed
  • Procurement and partners
  • Ecosystems
  • Transportation


The following are the initiatives that have, and are, being implemented by Osler Green, with more to come!

Ceramic Coffee Mugs & Milk and Cream Thermoses

Disposable coffee cups and lids have been replaced with ceramic coffee mugs, reducing our single-use waste. Reusable mugs are not only a more environmentally friendly choice, they create a homey feel around the Clubhouse, encouraging members and guests to slow down and enjoy their surroundings.

In years past, Osler has used single-serve milk and creamers, creating a significant amount of unnecessary waste. These have been replaced with insulated thermoses allowing us to eliminate the excess garbage, to better maintain the temperature of dairy products, and to offer milk-alternatives such as oat milk for member and guest enjoyment.

Poop Pails

Compost bins for dog waste have been put in place at the base of hiking trails and around the reservoir at Osler. Thanks to people using the bins, over 200 gallons of poop have already been collected!

Beyond the mess of animal waste on trails, dog poop is a hazard that is on par with pesticides containing bacteria and parasites which can affect our water supply and infect humans.

New Waste Sorting Bins

We have recently replaced old garbage units with waste sorting bins that are clearly labeled, making it easier for members to sort their waste to ensure it is being disposed of properly. In doing so, we are better able to monitor how much trash we are producing and make operational decisions that better serve the membership and the planet. Food Dudes has also recently replaced disposable dishware with reusable plates and bowls, further reducing our waste.

Tree planting

In the spring of 2023, the Osler community continued our annual reforestation effort, planting 2,170 trees in the Oslerview flatland trail and up the ski hill. Crews put in a mixture of eastern white cedar, white spruce, white pine, sugar maple and silver maple saplings which will improve our lush, green hillscape on Osler property. New this year is a tree nursery at the lower reservoir, nurturing saplings for strategic replanting once they are established. 

Our new trees will fill out our forest where ash trees are dying, and will encourage forest renewal in areas with few trees or those where there is an excess of hawthorn.

Grow Me Instead

Check out our guide about the invasive tendencies of common garden plants. It offers appropriate, non-invasive alternatives and provides tips for ecologically-sound gardening to promote our biodiversity.

See More

This guide was created as part of our commitment to protect and diversify Osler’s cabin property landscapes and is helpful for all members and their communities.


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