Celebrating Traditions

This is our where we will bring past and present  together by publishing many tidbits that represent the evolution of this great Club.

The A(rchive) Team has been formed to pick up where the 45th Anniversary Commemorative History Book (1949 to 1995) left off. 

The Committee will also be searching for more nostalgia from our Founding & Vintage members. As well, we want YOUR memories. If you have a special story and/or pictures/memorbillia to contribute, please contact archives@oslerbluff.com.
We need your photos and slides to capture Osler's past and present memories!  The A(rchive) Team needs a few of your BEST Osler pictures in HIGH resolution.  Please label them clearly (who, when, what).

  • 1995 to Now: Email to archives@oslerbluff.com or drop them off at the Office on a memory stick. Hard copies also accepted.

  • Pre-1995: Slides and/or photos may be dropped off at the Office and we'll scan them; OR better yet, help us out and get them scanned for us (TIFF 300). 


The Amazing Race featuring Jack Rhind, one of Osler’s most amazing racers:

"Dan Gibson's 1956/57 Osler Gluhwein Parties"

Special thanks to Dan Gibson Productions Ltd. for the Gluhwein videos.