Membership at Osler is limited in order to maintain our true private club feeling, shorter lift lines and abundance of hill space.

Founded in 1949 by Struan Robertson and Bill Kingsmill whom shared a vision to ski with shorter lift lines and less crowded slopes; today Osler Bluff Ski Club continues to offer the most skiable terrain per badge holder amongst Ontario’s private ski clubs.

Osler Bluff Ski Club provides a recreational environment, where like minded people can share their love of skiing and the great outdoors. For families, the club offers a unique opportunity where children, parents and grandparents can participate together. Our truly private environment creates the friendly atmosphere of a community that is a large family unto itself.

Please be advised that we are currenlty maintaining a waitlist for all Membership Categories.  Memberships will be filled based on attrition.

Introductory Membership

Temporarily Suspended

Due to an extensive waitlist for Full Memberships the Introductory Trial Membership has been temporarily suspended and we will not be accepting any applications at this time.  We are still accepting applications for all full membership categories.

This membership offers all the same benefits as a full membership for one season just without voting rights. The cost of an Introductory Trial Membership is $3,500 plus applicable annual dues and taxes for a family and $2,500 for a single and couple memberships.  Upon joining Osler the Introductory Trial fee is applied to the full membership initiation fee. 

Single Membership

Private club membership at a price that fits your lifestyle today

A Single Membership is perfect for the individual who wants to be immersed in the surreal surroundings of a private club but at a price that fits their lifestyle today. The initiation fee is $25,000 plus applicable annual dues and taxes. Single Memberships can be paid in four annual installments. A Single Membership can be upgraded to a Couple or Family Membership.

Couple Membership

For those who share the love of winter activities

Couples who share a love of winter activities can become members of Osler for $35,000 plus applicable annual dues and taxes. The initiation fee can be paid in four annual installments. A Couple Membership can be upgraded to a Family Membership.

Under 40 Family Membership

Membership initiation fee payable in eight annual installments

In an effort to assist younger families with their membership fees, the $57,500 initiation fee is payable in eight annual installments of $7,187.50 plus HST. Both shareholder and spouse must be under the age of 40 at the time of admission to the Club.

Family Membership

An investment that lasts a lifetime

Family Membership is an investment that lasts a lifetime, to be passed on to your children and their children at a nominal conversion fee. For example children of members between the ages of 18 and 24 can convert to full members of Osler with Family Membership privileges for $2,875 plus HST. The initiation fee for a Family Membership is $57,500 plus applicable annual dues and taxes.

Senior 55+ Membership

Options for single seniors and couples

The Senior 55+ Membership is geared to people who are retired or semi-retired and are not looking for any privileges for their children. This is also an opportunity for parents of newer members to join the Club and watch their grandchildren grow!
senior membership initiation fees chart

If you would like more information about Osler's membership opportunities, please complete the form below or contact our Member Services Administrator, Donna Winchester, directly (705-445-4507 Ext 226).  Please be advised that we are currenlty managing a waitlist for all membership categories.

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