As every skier and snowboarder knows, there are two integral parts to their sport. First – playing with the law of gravity outdoors in the winter months and secondly – socializing with like minded individuals before, during and after participation in their sport. Every winter weekend at Osler offers both adult and junior social events, from Friday night buffet dinners, to themed apr├Ęs parties, Club dinner/dances, family fun day, and barbecues. There are events for all ages in this fun-packed calendar of activities. Your guests are welcome to experience this other side of Osler life. As a young teenager once lamented: "I have my neighbourhood friends and my school friends, but my real friends are at Osler. These friendships endure a lifetime."

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Men's Day is February 5, 2016 // Ladies' Day is February 26, 2016

Vendors interested in participating at Ladies' Day please complete and submit a Vendor Application.

(email, fax or letter mail are all acceptable)